Deadpool Vol. 3 #4


The DC trio this week by Jason Fabok


Dipper - James Baxter
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D’awww! Oh my goodness, YOU ARE SO CUUUUTE! That first selfie is so TOTALLY Jonathan Crane. I can totally just see the amount of seething disappointment in your eyes and it’s adorable. But seriously, YOU’RE SO CUTE. let me LOVE YOU. :3


I’m freaking out right now because I do get incredibly nervous sharing most things about me and my life. Pictures of myself especially. But thank you so much <3

Woah wow what 
The first time I posted a selfie was a miracle. Why am I posting more?
Also working on harnessing my inner Crane. How does one make faces such as his?

*clap clap* Well, I have the utmost faith that you can totally pull them off! ;) Besides, you can probably do the best Jonathan!Bitchface ever. :D And aww, I’m sure your eyebrows are cute! Don’t feel bad, I don’t take care of mine either. :3

I’m trying to contort my face. It’s harder than it looks, much respect for Cillian for pulling it off so effortlessly. It’s practically an art form.
Nah man, they’re not that great and I’m not too upset to say so. 

powerovernothing replied to your post: I think… I think I could pull off a fe…

Yoooo! YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO FOR IT, DARLING!! :’) I would love to see what you could come up with! I’m sure that you’d look totally adorable and super duper awesome! :D

I just might. It’d be a lot of fun to try! I’ll need to work on my bitchface, of course. maybe get my brows did

I think… I think I could pull off a fem!BatmanBegins!Crane cosplay. I’d just need a suit and a potato sack. Perhaps a custom id tag too. I have the brown hair and glasses and blue eyes. I could do it.



I have to agree. It was probably one of my favorite episodes as well. So many great stuff, and EDDIE WAS AN ABSOLUTE BABE. ♥

What an absolute goober. No, but I really enjoyed his amount of screen time tonight, just gotta keep it up for the rest of the season.
Is it bad I couldn’t stop laughing when that guy just stole the atm machine? I found it funny for some reason.


We calling this a murder?







I can’t get over how much I love that there’s just a universally agreed upon strategy among the X-men that is just “throw wolverine at the thing”