I got the two TsumTsums yesterday from my grandma as a late birthday present. I believe she got them online. And the mameshiba I got at Christmas.

Bean wanted to join in on Donald and Dolan’s stacking fun. (=゚ω゚)

David Zavimbe // Batwing
I let him live. But he won’t live well. I will not take a life. Despite how monstrous they are or how much agony they might cause…I will not honor them in blood. But they will be punished.


"War Paint"

Frank Iero’s ArkhamKnight

design for SDCC Cape, Cowl, Create Event

Other pics (x)

hannibal + drugs


Excerpts from Masaaki Yuasa’s (湯浅政明) image board and concept designs for Space Dandy (スペース☆ダンディepisode #16—-for which he was also the director.


66 Batman Villain Sketches  by Jose Garcia-Lopez


The Flash for Sketch Dailies! 



Puddings of my dreams *_*


Untitled by (fl*clover)